Test and certifications:

Onduline has always paid particular attention to specific country regulations and harmonized standard, that Is why our products are subjected to the most rigorous performance tests in laboratories and research institutes all over the world.



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The following tables show the nature of just some of the tests taken in several countries in the world and their abbreviated results.

General Tests & Technical agreement :

> CSTB (France) :AT 5/04/ 1779 .AT 5/03/ 1690. AT 5/99 1424
> CSTC / UBatc (Belgium) :ATG 01/1938
> BBA (UK) : A.C.87/1823 C
> ITB (Poland) : 500 / 02 AT 1 2145 / 2002
> BRANZ (Australia) :AC 02/2004
> BRANZ (New Zealand) :AC 432 (2002)
> Conformity to EN 534 general performance and attitude tests.
> SO 9001 : 2008
> ISO 14001


Middle East
Tropical Resistant Test proves that Onduline is suitable for regions with high humidity and temperature, up to 70oC (158oF). (Yarsley Test Centre – Redhill UK)

South Africa
In stone whip resistance test, Onduline stone standard is up to diameter 13 mm (1.25in).
(South African Bureau of Standards)


The experiment to prove Onduline burning, waterproof and freezing resistance shows very positive result. (Institute of Research, PAVUS, Prague)


Onduline is awarded certificate No. A-860/90 by Institute for Control of Quality under Ministry and Constructions

Approval Certificate from Institute of Constructions, Bucharest

Onduline is given weatherproof award by Committee of Standardization.


Passed regulation standard 16.8, 16.9, 16.10, 16.11 and 16.12 (Building Advisory Committee – Adelaide)


Passed water absorbent test (BS 2760), stretching test (BS2782), crosswise loading test (ASTM A1502), and weight per area unit test. (Institutes of Standards and Industrial Research)


Resistant to thermal, snow, capacity of water insulation and natural drying (Laboratory for testing constructions materials – Athens)


West Africa (Togo)
Thermal conductivity is considered relatively good by Centre de la Constructions et du Logement a Lome.


It is extraordinary accepted for roof and side cladding. (Technische Hoschschule, Vienna)


Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 By SIRIM Qas – Certification of Manufacture of Bituminous Corrugated Roofing Sheets And Ridge Cappings.


Approved by Ministry of Public Works for roof and side cladding.


Approved by Government of Jakarta for roof and side cladding.


New Zealand
Appraisal Certificate of BRANZ – Building Research Association of New Zealand Appraisal Certificate, Onduline PP


The next table shows a number of Onduline product test, including the results gained.

Strength and Impact loading
-Warrington Research Laboratory Test (UK) BS1811
-United States Testing Co. ASTMD 1502-60
-CEBTP (France): Report no 2342.7.098
-Bureau Veritas (France): BTE JPD/ NC 1016/ 1995
-CSTB: NO GM/92-20
 test showed adequated bearing strength, impact
 resistance and resistance to wind lift.


Hail/ Front Resistance
ASTM E196 (USA) and DIN 52103 and 52104 (Germany).
Meets snow and frost resistance for all regions.
No mechanical damage in frost.


Water Absorption
-Warrington Research Laboratory Test (UK) BS1811
 showed minimal absorption.
-ASTM E96 (USA). Performed excellently in moisture
 vapour transmission and showed only minimal absorption.
-DIN 52103 (Germany) showed no effects after 16 days
 when immersed.


Heat Deformation
-Warrington Research Laboratory Test (UK).
 Tropical investigation test showed no visible effects.
-Yarsley Research Centre Test (UK).
 Middle East suitability tests up to 70°C proved complete suitability in severe humidity and under all foreseeable conditions.


Thermal Resistance (Insulation)
-ASTM C1776-76 (USA) and BS874 (UK)
 Showed excellent thermal resistance K value
 0.46 to 0.51 British Thermal Unit
- Line (France): Certificate NO°7070916 D MAT/1
 Thermal conductivity: 0.099 W/mK


Water and Weather Proofing
-Test (UK) BS1811 and ASTM D1499 (USA).
-UIDIEM (Chile): Certificate NO 150 385
 Results showed excellent weather proofing characteristic.


Wind Lift
-Yarsley Research Centre (UK).
 Proved Onduline suitable in hurricane and earthquake
 conditions. Tested up to 120mph (192kph).
-Building Research Establishment (UK) : NO BRE/83/11/1
 Good behavior in wind lift conditions.
-Wood Technology Division (New Zealand): NO WTX 1468/1
 Good behavior in cyclonic conditions.
-Minister of Economic (Argentina): No 83-1
 INPRES 95 & PV NO 030 DPDU-95


Mechanical Strength
Warrington Research Laboratory Test (UK) BS4154.
Showed resistance to 731lbs sheered force on fixing bolt.

Toxicity and resistance to chemical test
-Yarsley Research Centre (UK)
 Test carried out on water collected after catchments with
 Onduline sheels give water suitable for drinking complying
 with World Health Organization and EEC regulations.
-CSTB (France): NO SM/98 0062
 Good behavior under exposure to acids, alkalis and salts.



Acoustical Insulation
-CEBTP No 2312.6.244/1
 Reverberation coefficient (max): 0.4 to 315 Hz
-CSTB C/95/CL/1896/1
 Sound attenuation coefficient (max) Rw = 28dB
- Wolfson unit Southampton University (UK).
 NO 2089 1592/B1 : antenoise wall with Onduline
 reduces the airborne noises of 7db