Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between clay and concrete roof tiles?
Concrete roof tiles are sand, cement and water based. Besides, chemical coloring agents are also added. Even if room temperature is enough for them to complete production, hardening accelerators or curing is needed to accelerate production.
Clay roof tiles on the other hand are made by kiln drying of the clay as raw material. There are no additives used during the production of any clay roof tiles.

Are ISOLINE® sheets expensive?
Since 1 piece ISOLINE® insulates and area of 1,65 m² roof tile and that both materials can be applied on a spaced infrastructure, it can be said that they are very affordable.

I am in the Build-and-Sell, Construction-Undertaking business. The customers are not interested with the roof tiles; so I prefer cheap roof tiles. Why should I prefer your products?
A simple mathematical calculation shows that you are wrong. While constructing a building your roof cost will be 5% at most. However, the problems that arise during the lifespan of the building mount up to a ratio of 65% while they are roof based. If you do not work on a daily basis and if you want your customers be a good reference for you or yourself to be satisfied as an end-user , we recommend you to spend more on your roofs and use ISOLINE® or RUFOLINE® undertile water insulation sheets.
In “boutique” applications you can use Italian San Marco roof tiles that is a different option and which are used together with ISOLINE®.

Are your roof tiles guaranteed?
We sell our products as a system and we give guarantee to each of our products. However, application is guaranteed by those who apply the products.

Under which conditions is this guarantee valid?
Our guarantee conditions are valid if the application is made with the products and accessories supplied or produced by our company in accordance with the details mentioned in our technical catalogues.
Our company gives guarantee only for the products. However, application is guaranteed by those who apply the products.
Besides, a stamped and undersigned guarantee certificate shall be issued by our company authorities evidencing that the application is duly made.

You also sell clay roof tiles, can you explain this?
Our company sells also natural slate, ceramic and clay roof tiles besides bitumen sheets.

How can I get your products?
You can obtain our products from more than two hundred dealers and hundreds of sub-dealers located in every province of our country.

How long is the delivery period?
Many of our products can be delivered directly at the dealer. Those lacking in the stocks of our dealers are found in the stocks of our factory and can be delivered within a few days. You can learn the delivery periods for the import products that cannot be found in the stocks from our sales directorate.

I liked your roof tiles but are their weight suitable for my roof?
The weight average defined in the general regulations is 45 kg/sqm; so our tiles will not constitute any problem for roofs and buildings constructed according to the regulations. If your house is an old construction, you should have the carriage system checked by an expert and apply the roof tiles after the required reinforcement work.

There are colour tone differences between the samples I received and the delivered ones , what is the reason for this?
As it is the case in every natural material, there may be differences in raw materials. It can occur also in concrete roof tiles as it is the case in ceramic roof tiles and it is a normal situation. This situation does not affect the quality of the roof tile. You can use together roof tiles coming from different pallets and distribute them evenly to create a natural appearance.

Can I walk on the roof?
Roofs that have to be walked on shall be equipped with galvanized or stainless steel walkways. However, such accessories are not used in Turkey since they have a high cost. In case that a roof without walkway needs to be stepped on, ply boards, XPX, etc. that will distribute the load shall be used and the necessary precautions shall be taken. Safety ropes shall be fastened to places that are 100% safe. (While performing roof applications, eye bolts shall be placed to robust laces of the roof to which the person that will work can fasten his safety rope.)
Do not forget that chimneys are the weakest parts of roofs.

Some roof tiles do not have nail holes, how can I place them to the roof?
Our roof tiles can be placed on the roofs by a special hook system developed by our company.

Can they be also used as façade coating?
Our roof tiles can also be used on façades is required.

Can I paint old roof tiles?
Yes. Independent from the roof tile material, your roof can look brand new after painting. It is applied successfully in clay and concrete roof tiles. These paints are special, water based, UV resistant and are silk dull which is the lowest of brightness level. Prior to painting, the roof tiles shall be cleaned preferably with pressurized water to eliminate dust, dirt and other residues. Afterwards, the roof tile paint shall be applied in form of two layers, on condition that one day passes between applying each layer. The paint can be applied by spraying or by using a wide brush. As a result, the waterproofness of your roof tiles will increase together with the appearance and value of your building.

Is the roof slope at our building enough?
The roof slope in tile covered roofs shall be at least 33%. In case that RUFOLINE® or ISOLINE® is used under the roof tiles this slope can be decreased down to 20%.

Will our infrastructure be defected just as the roofer has told?
If there are partial sags that occurred by time or if you feel a libration while you walk on it, there is a risk of roof tile gliding. Even if your roof does not leak water, you should stop the libration with reinforcement from below and strengthen the roof carrier.

What are the detail problems of our roof that cause water leaks?
The main points on a roof that create problems are the ending points of chimneys and light shafts, reverse sloped sections, roof bridges, sloped roof bridges, sloped gutters and rain gutters.

How are the gutter and rain gutter dimensions specified?
The number and area of rain gutters differ according to the region. In the Marmara region a gutter with 10 cm diameter will be enough for a roof area of 60-75m2. In case that the number of rain gutters is less, the roof will overflow the excess water. In roofs with concealed gutters, the excess water will leak into the roof space in case that the number is less or if they are chocked. Thus, overflow gutters shall be also used in roofs with concealed gutters.

There are black leaks on the inner walls, do they come from the roof?
In case that the chimneys are not covered with caps or the rain leaking inside the chimney may cause humidity inside the building. The typical indications are black colored leaks around the chimneys. The chimney endings shall be checked and a cap should be fixed to the chimney.